Funding Opportunities

The Stem Cell Network is constantly developing its multi-faceted Training Program in order to provide an enriched training environment and a range of opportunities to excel in the field of stem cell research.

Got an idea for a workshop? Talk to your PI about applying for a thematic workshop grant.

Other feedback or ideas for the training program? Want to get involved? Contact the Training Communications Committee at


Courses and workshops

  • SCN -OMICS Workshop (Competition closed)
  • Human Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell Workshop bursary (Competition closed)
  • Cellular Therapies Manufacturing and Clinical Trials in Canada Workshop Bursary (Competition closed)
  • Graduate Course in Regenerative Medicine bursary (Competition closed)
  • Genetic Tools Workshop (Competition closed)
  • SCN European Summer School (Competition closed)
  • UBCFlow: Advanced Multi-colour Flow Cytometry course bursary (Competition closed)
  • SCN Communications for Scientists Workshop (Competition closed)
  • Banff Science Communications Program (Competition closed)

Networking and outreach awards

  • Exchange Program (Competition closed)
  • Public Outreach Award (Competition closed)

Research-based awards

  • Transitional Research Grant (Competition closed)
  • SCN Co-op Award (Competition closed)
  • Clinical Student Research Training Award (Competition closed)
  • Undergraduate Research Training Award (Competition closed)
  • Social Sciences Summer Student Award (Competition closed)

Industry placement awards

  • See The Potential Postdoctoral Fellowship (Competition closed)

Other funding opportunities (non-SCN)