Funding Opportunities

The Stem Cell Network research program is open to all Canadian investigators eligible to receive grant funding from CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC. In order to receive SCN funds, successful applicants will execute a Standard NCE Network Agreement, through which they will become members of the Stem Cell Network.

The SCN research program comprises the following categories:

Stem Cell Drug Discovery Programs

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Stem Cell Drug Discovery projects are one-year initiatives, pursuing focused research questions to identify compounds that modulate stem cell function and demonstrate potential clinical applications.

The maximum SCN funding for each award will be $100,000. With an investment of $2M in these Stem Cell Drug Discovery programs, SCN anticipates funding 20-25 Stem Cell Drug Discovery grants over 2011-15. Stem Cell Drug Discovery proposals are reviewed every three months by the SCN Research Management Committee.

Impact Research

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Impact projects are one year initiatives that pursue focused research questions with high potential for translational impact in the areas of clinical translation, commercialization or public policy.

Selection of Impact Grants is based on the recommendations of the SCN Research Management Committee which evaluates the proposals against the following criteria: relevance to SCN’s four strategic programs, relevance to the Impact research program, research excellence, likelihood of completion within the one year time frame.  SCN investment is up to $100,000 per project for one year for Clinical Translation and Commercialization grants and $50,000 per project for one year for Public Policy grants. Impact Grants are reviewed every three months; deadlines for application are indicated in the application guidelines. SCN anticipates funding 10-20 impact grants over the next four years.

Public Outreach Award

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The Public Outreach Award supports activities that communicate stem cell science, policy or ethics to targeted public audiences in Canada and abroad. This one-time RFA will support a maximum of two (2) trainees or researchers to attend the 2014 Banff Science Communications Program.

Cellular Therapy – Manufacturing and Clinical Implementation

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Cellular Therapy – Manufacturing and Clinical Implementation projects are two-year initiatives, aimed at advancing Canada’s capacity in stem cell manufacturing, and to support the associated implementation of cell-based trials. Funding is available in two streams: cGMP Cell Manufacturing Accelerator Grants or Stem Cell Therapy Accelerator Grants with a total amount of funding of $150,000 and $250,000, respectively. With an investment of $1.5M in this program, the SCN expects this funding to enable Canadian cGMP cell manufacturing facilities to accelerate the implementation of clinical trials in their host facility, and to allow some pending trials to progress towards the clinic.

Global Research

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Global Research projects have the potential for major global impact - to be "a beacon for Canada" in the global stem cell community - and have identified tangible deliverables readily translatable to human health. Projects are aligned with at least one of SCN's existing areas of strategic interest in Cellular Therapeutics, Pharmacological Applications or Technology Development and build on internationally recognized Canadian expertise and strengths in the stem cell field. These projects are expected to be the foundation for new major Canadian and/or international initiatives in the stem cell field.

Public Policy & ELSI Research

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Core projects focused on Public Policy and Ethical, Legal and Social Issues related to the field of stem cell research are large multidisciplinary initiatives that pursue integrated goal-directed programs to address major research outcomes.

Strategic Research

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Strategic Research is initiated by the Research Management Committee to proactively manage the research programs and respond to emerging challenges. Currently, SCN has one strategic call open for research in Type I Diabetes in partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF).

Core Research

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Core projects are large multidisciplinary initiatives that pursue integrated goal-directed programs to address major research outcomes. These projects are actively managed and have high requirements for partnership, engagement of external stakeholders, and ensuring the participation of social scientists. They form the basis of the Network's research program.

Selection of Core projects is based on the recommendations of an external review panel which evaluates proposals against the following seven criteria: relevance to SCN's four strategic programs, research excellence, partnerships, training component, project management plan, knowledge exchange & technology transfer strategy and networking.

Following the end of the currently-funded Core Research projects in September 2011, the Core Research program will be limited to addressing the Public Policy & ELSI research strategic program while other strategic programs will be addressed by the new Global Research program.