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  • Drug Discovery and Repurposing

    The Stem Cell Network was among the first organizations to recognize the potential of using stem cells for drug repositioning and discovery in order to reduce time and costs of bringing new therapies to patients, and in the process has established Canada as a world leader in the field.


  • Stem Cell Genomics

    SCN’s Gene Expression Project was made possible through the Network’s collaborative approach to research, and the Project’s use of a single centre to undertake a standardized analysis of hundreds of stem cell lines allowed for the creation of pertinent data and meta-data to be accessed by thousands of researchers around the world.


  • Catalyzing New Organizations

    The Stem Cell Network was critical for strategically identifying structural gaps in the Canadian stem cell research landscape and bringing together diverse stakeholder groups to seize those opportunities through the incubation and launch of new organizations.


  • Cancer Stem Cells

    A seminal Canadian discovery demonstrated that cancer stem cells are a significant reason for high relapse rates after cancer treatments. In recognition of this, the Stem Cell Network has invested heavily finding ways to target and attack them.


  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues

    SCN established and funded a world-leading arms-length research program to examine the key social, legal and ethical implications of stem cell research and, based upon this credible and research-based evidence, has provided critical policy recommendations to government that have impacted not only how research is conducted in Canada, but how Canadians will access potential therapies in the future.


  • Blood Stem Cell Expansion

    Over more than a decade of targeted funding, the Stem Cell Network harnessed the strength of world-leading Canadian researchers to develop technologies to increase quantities of blood stem cells for expanded therapeutic use and to overcome a significant hurdle in the delivery of cell-based treatments to patients.